As a child have you been waiting and even longing to December and Christmas? Or have you been eagerly kooking through the window, to see the first stars in the sky? Or maybe you were first to wake up on the Christmas Day? Have you then rushed downstairs and straight to the christmas tree, just o be the first in your house, to see all the gifts underneath it? Or maybe you stood awake late at night, trying to hear Santa’s steps in your house, rushed from your room to finally see him and talk to him? If so, then we are most certainly sure, that you have tried to write a letter to Santa Claus. What was in that letter? You have probably given him a list of presetns that you would love to recieve. Or maybe you said you were sorry for all those bad things you have done during the entire year and you have promised not to do them again. We just hope you remember to thank him for the last year and you were not very much demanding.

Letter from Santa uk

No matter what you have included in your letters to Santa Claus – have you ever received the answer? Have you ever received a letter from Santa Claus? Or have you been waiting for a very long time for the letter from Santa Claus and it never arrived? Well, you surely can’t blame him! He’s got enough work during the entire year! Not only he must provide for the family at the North Pole, but he still looks after the reindeer and manages a team of elfs in elf toy factory. And if that’s not enough for you – the one night of the year he is definitelly working harder than any of us throughout the whole year. No wonder why he has some difficulties in finding time to read your letters and answer them.

To be honest- that doesn’t sound like Santa now, does it? It’s more likley that he has never recieved your letters! For the postman it’s hard to get to North Pole. There are many reasons, and snow is not the greatest amongs them. Polar bears, hard icy ground, wind… If he hasn’t recieved your letter, that’s the only reason he hasn’t respond them. So it neighter your, nor Santa’s fault – just bad luck.

We are here to help you and other sad faces, who never recieved a letter from Santa. Worry no more, because with us your letters will successfully reach the North Pole. We will deliver all of them them into the hands of Santa Claus and personally will make sure (of course in a manner, we will not really be pressureing Santa) that Santa, as soon as these letters are opened and read, will answer them. All the letters from Santa Claus will be distributed by our company at a speed comparable only to the speed of Santa’s sleigh during Christmas Eve, when they fly across the sky, to look for more well-behaved children. Trust us – not only we will ensure that your letter arrived safely to Santa Claus, but also we will make sure that the letter from Santa Claus arrived safely to you! So if you only have stopped writing letters to Santa, because you have never obtained the answers –  return to the writing immidiatelly.



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