Our world is too lazy, we don’t want to do crazy things, we don’t travel and new technologies have dominated our liver totally Why do I think so? I can explain. Few days ago I have found advertisement about Santa personalized video. This is a kind of video you pay for and thanks to that you can receive personalized videos from Santa or even talk to him. On one hand it is a great idea, because you can talk to the hero of your childhood, you can see a man, you have never seen and you can find out many interesting facts about Santa Clause’s life. But on the other hand it means that people want to have everything, without living their houses.

Personalized Santa video

Earlier, when someone wanted to see someone interesting, to get known interesting facts, he just went to visit that place. If someone wanted to talk to Santa he went to the North Pole and it was a great journey and an interesting adventure, but in our times, when someone wants to talk to Santa, he can just turn on personalized Santa Claus video. Of course it is easier to do everything via computer, to travel via Google maps or to learn facts about life only on Wikipedia. The real life exists and we will never be able to know it without going out, without travelling and getting to know new people. New technologies are great and we cannot imagine today’s world without them, but we also should always remember about the real world, real life and maybe someday just grab a backpack and go to the North Pole.



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